Chapter One

Introducing Stella …

The deep-blue colour of the sea, the salted fragrance of the sea mist, and the heat of the red-coloured earth : Stella really felt like being in Sicily.

Stella had just discovered a magic place and she was so excited about her discovery, that she was eager to narrate everything she found in her notebooks and share them with everybody.

She had discovered this magical world in a very special night. She remembered perfectly that the sky was star-spangled, with stars that appeared to be magical, as they glittered with silver and golden sparkles.

Suddenly, a sweet aroma had intrigued her and aroused her curiosity.

She had noticed that this magical universe called her everytime it had to make her discover a new flavour. Flavours she didn’t know of. It was decided, she would definitely narrate her adventures in her blog, to reveal the delights of La Casa dell’estelle.

Stella decided to collect and report her adventures in her booklets, in order to share her discoveries about la Casa dell’estelle.

Stella would become a real reporter of her gourmet adventures.